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Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life

A Virtual Workshop | Anywhere, Anytime!

Led by Adriana Lee

Are You Ready to Take Control of Your Energy?


The chakras are the energy centers of your body. 

When the chakras are balanced, you feel energetically balanced. When they are out of balance, you experience both physical and mental symptoms of that imbalance.

This course is a comprehensive guide to the chakras - the most practical system of spirituality. It's an investment in reclaiming your energy and bringing your energetic body back into balance.

At the end of this course, even a total novice will be able to diagnose an imbalance, identify which chakra needs attention, and most importantly, will know EXACTLY what to do to regain balance.

***This course is available for CEs through Yoga Alliance. If you are a yoga teacher, notify Adriana so she can verify your CEs. ***

In this course, you will:

  • gain knowledge on what the chakras are, as well as a basic understanding of energetic anatomy.

  • deepen your understanding of yourself.

  • learn how to identify a chakra imbalance within yourself.

  • learn the tools to heal and balance any misalignments yourself.

  • use daily yoga classes, daily meditations, recipes, and more to align your chakras.

  • be empowered to heal yourself and feel energetically vibrant.

This course is for you if...

This course is suitable for complete beginners to yoga, meditation, and energy work. Whether or not you have a yoga or meditation practice, you will walk away with the skills necessary to clear any blockages you may have and restore balance to your energy centers.

In one week, you will learn the tools and practices that you need to take charge of your energy, and thus your life. This is an investment in feeling vibrant, balanced, and blissful.

Are you ready to start feeling radiantly healthy, aligned, and live the life you deserve?

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