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Living Yoga with Integrity

A Virtual Workshop
Created by Clair Thomas

Living Yoga with Integrity

Led by Clair Thomas

The parts of yoga that can have some of the most impact, but are often underrated are the limbs nobody is talking about. Yama and niyama may not be the most sought after or glamorous of the eight limbs, but arguably the most necessary because they are a way of life. Without the yama and niyama at the foundation of your yoga practice, life, and business, the benefits of yoga as a physical practice are almost nonexistent.

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • The benefits of yoga as a way of living

  • How yoga for weight loss can mean more than losing pounds

  • How yoga for flexibility extends beyond the muscles

  • Who can benefit from yoga as a practice and a way of living

  • How yoga helps with stress even more when taken off the mat


Use these hours toward our Yoga Alliance registered 300-Hour Certification OR YA CEUs (cannot be used for both)

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