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Transform Your Yoga Teaching Career with the Abundant Yogi Society

200 hr and 300 hr yoga teacher training no code needed submit deposit between june 16 - ju

Hey, yoga teacher! Are you at your whits end just about ready to give up? 


Let me guess: 

  • You feel guilty about wanting to make money as a yoga teacher but you also want to serve your community by sharing yoga. 

  • You know you’re a good yoga teacher, but you don’t have anyone to teach now that you have decided to branch out on your own

  • You have dreamed of all the ways yoga can impact so many people’s lives, but they just don’t show up

  • You’re burnt out teaching classes all over the city from 6a to 8p 7 days a week


And to top it off, you don’t even know if you believe teaching yoga full time is possible. You want to quit more days than you want to teach at this point. 


And the bottom line is, you have to make more money to pay the bills, so you’ve tried MLMs, affiliate marketing, and selling merch all to only discover that you are racking up more expenses than income. 


Teaching yoga has cost you more money than you can ever imagine making. 

Are you ready to take your yoga teaching career from time and money drain to a successful and profitable yoga career? 


I was just like you when I started out. I left my teaching career thinking that I would teach 20 students in 8 classes per week at $10 per person per class. 


I created flyers and social media posts and then…




And then doubt crept in and I wondered if I could even teach yoga full time successfully, so I went on a money making (read: distraction) binge:

  • I joined not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 MLMs

  • I took 5 certification programs

  • I enrolled in a 300-hour yoga teacher training

  • I signed up with 2 1:1 coaches and 3 other coaching programs 

  • I decided to become a nutrition coach, business coach, and coach coach


And somehow still couldn’t fill my yoga classes. 


Like you, I believed if I could just get more help, more money, more training I would finally be able to teach yoga better and that would bring in more students. 


And like you, I would believe that something is wrong with me - this just can’t work for me. I have tried everything, so I should probably just give up and return to something more consistent with a salary. 


But the truth is, you are just focused on the wrong learning objectives. 


You are already a great yoga teacher. 


What you need are  skills that help you:

  • Build your business

  • Budget your income 

  • Brand your offers

  • Broadcast your offer suite 

  • Boost your sales to ideal clients


And to make this possible, you also have to live your yoga - lead from your yoga lifestyle. 


When I was diagnosed with clinical depression, medicated, and told to go to therapy, I realized I had hit rock bottom. There were many reasons, but one was the fact that I had let go of my yoga practice. 


You can’t be a yoga leader in the community without your own yoga practice. 


That is why in the Abundant Yogi Society you will learn not only the essential skills listed above, but also dive deeper into the yama and niyama, kleshas, and other Ayurvedic and yoga habits and practices to enhance your life and set you up for success managing life, time, and money - all essential for a successful business.


You already have access as a yoga teacher to turn to the framework yoga provides to run your business like a yogi. 


When you look to yoga, you will see all of the secrets revealed - and not just sitting in meditation daily in order to manifest your dream life.


In the Abundant Yogi Society, we will look at how to turn the seemingly esoteric concepts into actionable steps in running business like a yogi. 


For example, you may have heard of ahimsa (nonviolence) and been able to apply it practically, but have you thought about how violent it is to:

  • Try and run your yoga business just like So-and-So without considering your own personal needs, desires, wants, and preferences? 

  • Ignore your finances and dismiss it as “I’m just bad at money”? 

  • Show up inconsistently and put undue stress on your clients and associates? 


Yoga teachers give up within a year of teaching because the hard truth is that many are making what is considered below the poverty line. But yoga is projected to reach $66,226.4 million by 2027, growing at a of 9.6% from 2021 to 2027. 


People want yoga and your people want yoga from you. 


At Solstice Yoga School, we have lead 7 teacher trainings, expanded from Las Vegas to Northern California, and have been asked to manage studio spaces for nonprofit organizations and take on “quality assurance” for yoga teachers at local studios. 


Our yoga teachers are considered professional, dependable, and quality teachers. And we not only aren’t closing, we are growing and thriving. 


And we want to show you how you can do the same as a yogapreneur in the Abundant Yogi Society. 


Once you sign up, you will have support from professional yoga teachers, financial experts, therapists, business lawyers, and more. 


Plus it has been shown that with a community, you are more likely to succeed in taking action that you haven’t done on your own before. 


If you’re consistent and persistent, you will learn:

  • How to set up your business 

  • How to price your offers

  • How to budget your time and money

  • How to find your ideal clients/ students 

  • How to fill your courses, classes, and other offers

  • How to use tech without feeling overwhelmed 

  • How to market, sell, and share your business

  • How to create your ideal offer suite 

  • How to lead from your yoga lifestyle 


And that is all alongside how to live and run your business like a yogi using the framework yoga provides. 


And if you join and find this is not the program for you, you can cancel anytime. 


Start 2024 knowing you have a plan in place from clueless on how to run your business like a yogi to yogapreneur extraordinaire. 


You no longer have to traverse the waters of running a successful business alone, unsure if you just aren’t good enough to succeed. 


Not only are you good enough - you are MEANT to succeed as a yoga teacher. 


All of this is available for just $150 at enrollment (from November 24-27), with an ongoing membership fee of $33/month after the first 30 days. 


We're only opening up 9 spots for the January cohort, so be sure to grab your spot early before they run out.


Say goodbye to burnout and frustration and hello to a profitable and fulfilling career as a yoga teacher. Enroll now in the Abundant Yogi Society.


Enroll Here

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