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TRY... Helping & Healing

Trauma Recovery Yoga, LLC (TRY) is a non-profit filled with helpers and healers.  What is trauma?  The dictionary has several definitions, but in our application, the most fitting seems to be “an emotional upset”.  Your personal trauma needn’t have made the news.  It may not be known to anyone except you. Or, you may have been in a group, as those who attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in 2017, now known as “1 October” to many. 

“All I do is this work. All I teach is trauma. All I breathe, and live, and research, and educate myself on is trauma and how to help other people. I know what works from my position, what helps me, and I want to share that and continue to find other ways that work for other people.” ~ Joyce Bosen, TRY Founder

TRY strives to reach out to any and all who have experienced some type of trauma.  We bring our teacher training across the country to share this method of trauma sensitive healing.  Over 400 individuals have been certified as TRY teachers.  Not all will go on to use their training to teach the public, but may utilize the information and tools acquired in other places, such as classrooms, healthcare and therapy sessions.  

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