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The Delicate Balance of Being a Yoga Teacher

You've just completed your Yoga Teacher Training, filled with dreams of leading empowering sessions, and sharing the transformative power of yoga. Yet, as you step into the real world, you realize that teaching yoga isn't just about the poses and the philosophy; it's also about navigating the intricacies of a yoga career. Unfortunately, most yoga teacher trainings arm you with knowledge on teaching yoga but leave a void when it comes to managing the real-world challenges of being a yoga teacher in the capacities of an independent contractor, an employee, or an entrepreneur. And although these aren’t the sole avenues in the yoga world, they often represent the foundational paths many new instructors tread.

Now, you're faced with a crossroad. How do you structure your budding yoga career? Your choice, naturally, pivots around your aspirations, financial commitments, and lifestyle. Yet, if I were to offer counsel, I'd advocate for starting either as an independent contractor or an employee in a reputable yoga studio.


Well, stepping into the role of an **Independent Contractor** offers distinct perks. You're not tethered to a single establishment. This offers a dual benefit: flexibility in your timetable and the potential to garner higher earnings per class. Additionally, it enables you to absorb diverse experiences across various studios. However, this path is not without its pitfalls. The fluctuating income, absence of conventional job benefits, and the need to self-manage one’s taxes can be demanding.

Alternatively, being an **Employee** in an established studio provides the allure of stability. A consistent paycheck, potential health benefits, and even the luxury of paid vacations can be persuasive. Yet, it may come at the cost of creative freedom, with studios often having their set curriculum or teaching guidelines.

Now, there's the dazzling allure of becoming a 'Yogapreneur'. Visions of being your own boss and dictating your destiny are hard to resist. However, as with all things glittering, there's a flip side. Diving into entrepreneurship straight out of YTT can plunge you into challenges, be it the daunting financial outlay, the steep learning curve of business operations, or even the demanding nature of entrepreneurship which can blur the lines between work and personal life. Regulatory obstacles and ensuring compliance with legalities add another layer to the already complex landscape.

Yet, all isn't gloom. With diligent planning, guidance, and an unyielding spirit of learning, many of these challenges can be overcome. However, laying your foundation as an independent contractor or an employee can prove invaluable. It offers you the breathing room to discern if teaching yoga aligns with your soul. It grants you the luxury of earning while learning the nuances of the business. More crucially, it instills indispensable life skills – time management, financial prudence, and achieving that delicate work-life harmony.

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training program is the start of a passionate journey. But as the initial euphoria wanes, the reality of turning passion into profession sets in. It’s work, often demanding and always requiring dedication. This is where the core tenets of yoga – the yama and niyama – serve as guiding stars. They beckon the yoga teacher in you to act with purpose, awareness, and clarity. Without a clear goal, the myriad distractions can easily veer you off your path.

And if the journey seems daunting, remember, you needn't walk alone. Programs and memberships, like those offered by **Solstice Yoga School**, can offer the support, mentorship, and resources to steer your course confidently, ensuring you shine brightly in your yoga journey.

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