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Heart Opening Restorative Sequence

Who can’t use a little extra self care time in their day? Below are a few heart opening poses that can be done as a sequence or can be picked and choosed from as needed! Spend 5 minutes or an hour luxuriating in breath and relaxation.

In these poses we will use a bolster, blocks and a blanket. If you don’t have these items at home feel free to improvise with your favorite pillows and blankets.

Supported Baddha Konasana - YUM my favorite. So gentle yet so powerful. I could stay in this pose forever.

Create a bolster ramp, ground your sit bones and decide if you need support beneath your knees to allow your inner thighs to relax.

Relax your arms to the sides of the bolster with palms facing up and breath in your heart space.

Side Opener - Equally yummy as above. Great for breathing into the sides of the heart space and opening the side line fascia that so often gets ignored.

Shoulder and hip should be grounded and side waist is lifted with a bolster.

Add a blanket between your knees if you like the extra padding

Rest your head on a block or pillow and rest your arm overhead with a wrapped shoulder

Restorative Twist - SO grounding. Breath into the back on the heart

Supported Bridge - the grand finale

Head and shoulders rest on the ground. Bolster supports the middle back and hips. You choose whether it feels good to have the knees bent with feet on the floor or if you like the legs extended onto blocks

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