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Full Moon in Gemini Tarot Spread

🌕 December's full moon, the Cold Moon, wraps up eclipse season & readies us for the Winter Solstice. 🌕

December 18th's Full Moon in ♊Gemini ♊ is the final full moon of the year! This full moon is set to bring emotions to a peak as we approach the winter solstice.

Some of the traits of Gemini, ♊the twins, are flexibility, cleverness, and curiosity. This air sign is known for embracing duality & having the power of persuasion.

✨Gemini urges you to express your feelings. Communicate honestly, openly, & effectively. This final full moon of the year is an ideal time for completion - tie up the loose ends of the year, and sever your ties to that which no longer serves you. ✨

December 19th, Venus begins its six week retrograde journey. Venus invites you to do some soul-mate searching. Contemplate your love life.

If you're in a relationship - what can you do to nurture your bond?

If you're single - how can you strengthen your relationship with yourself?

Process your emotions, do your SOL searching, & clean your inner house so you can fully enjoy the Solstice & step into the New Year with a clean slate.

✨ 🌕 ✨

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our ✨Full Moon✨ in Gemini ♊ spread!

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