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No matter where we are in our life, we are navigating relationships - with self, others, and the world. Though it feels like a natural occurrence, the truth is people are rarely taught how to relate. Most people - especially women - live and love from a place of fear that unravels in a variety of familiar ways:
  • People-pleasing decision making
  • Discontent within relationships
  • Lack of consistency and routines 
  • Self-doubt and uncertainty








The basis for any woman to put her best foot forward in relating is to have a deep understanding of who she is and how she relates to others from a watchful, present, aware space.

This program is for you if you:


  • Desire a deep knowledge of yourself 

  • Are ready to transform your relationships 

  • Know your life is lacking a sparkle 

  • You're looking for the next step in your healing process

This program is NOT for you if:


  • You're not ready to put in real time to shift 

  • Your addiction to struggle is more important than your desire to live in joy 

  • Your excuses are a part of your identity that you want to live with


Whether you are looking to work individually, want an alternative to traditional pre-marital or marriage counseling, or build a healthy relationship with parents, siblings, or children, this 3-month coaching program is adaptable for your specific needs.

Your relationship restoration journey is not your run-of-the-mill coaching approach - this is a sacred space for transforming your relating styles and, therefore, your relationships and yourself.

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About Clair

Your most important relationship is the one with yourself!

Clair co-owns a yoga studio that prides itself on bringing the yoga lifestyle to the clients' yoga practice and relationships with self, others, and the world. She aims to connect yoga back to a place of overall wellbeing and lifestyle commitment. Through the consistent application of yoga as a philosophy for living, Clair supports her clients by encouraging a lifelong relationship with spiritual, physical, and emotional health.


Ericka Y.

I have been working with Clair for two years now. I was struggling with getting back in shape and confidence after I had my son. I had struggled in the past with losing my motivation. Clair’s sessions are the right combination of push and encouragement. She takes a holistic approach to help me understand how to support myself to achieve my goals. I would recommend her to anyone!

Megan B.

I originally hired Clair for help with business management advice and very quickly realized there were whole aspects to my business plan, branding and goal settings that were lacking organization and creative thought. In our meetings Clair took me down these rabbit holes of questions and conversations that allowed me to access and get specific about who I actually was as an entrepreneur, what I wanted my business to be and thrive at and where I want to be in the future AND then actually helped to provide the action steps to succeed at these things. Not to mention she helped me with social media presence and did my website! TOTAL PACKAGE! I highly recommend Clair’s business and life coaching!!!

Find You

How much longer do you want to keep self-sacrificing instead of truly loving yourself and others?


Do you want to manifest relationships that are honest, loving, and based in genuine communication and trust?

Set Boundaries

Are you sick and tired of people ignoring your boundaries and questioning if your own boundaries?

Love Wholly

Are you ready to live and love wholeheartedly in all of your relationships - starting with yourself? 

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