Relationship Shaman Coaching

with Clair Thomas

No matter where we are in our life, we are navigating relationships - with self, others, and the world. Though it feels like a natural occurrence, the truth is that people are very rarely taught how to relate. Most people - women especially - live and love from a place of fear that unravels in a variety of common ways:

  • People pleasing decision making

  • Discontent within relationships

  • Lack of consistency and routines 

  • Self doubt and uncertainty


The basis for any woman to put her best foot forward in relating is to have a deep understanding of who she is and how she relates to others from a watchful, present, aware space. 


This program is for you if you:

  • Desire a deep knowledge of yourself 

  • Are ready to transform your relationships 

  • Know your life is lacking a sparkle 

  • You're looking for the next step in your healing process 


This program is NOT for you if:

  • You're not ready to put in real time to shift 

  • Your addiction to struggle is more important than your desire to live in joy 

  • Your excuses are a part of your identity that you want to live with 


Whether you are looking to work individually, want an alternative to traditional pre-marital or marriage counseling, or want to build a heathy relationship with parents, siblings, or children, this coaching program is adaptable for your specific needs.


This is not your run of the mill coaching - this is a sacred space for transforming your relating styles and therefore your relationships and yourself. 


Program Offerings:

6-Week Relationship Shaman- Self Discovery: $497

Deposit: $250

Remaining Balance due by week 3

3-month Relationship Shaman- You+Me=We: $997

Deposit: $350

Remaining balance due by start of month 3

* To register, submit your deposit HERE and you will receive an email with 24 hours for scheduling

About Clair :

Clair Thomas is an authentic yoga instructor with experience teaching yoga, giving Reiki, certifying yoga teachers and Reiki practitioners, and consulting yoga and Reiki entrepreneurs on building value based branding and culture. 

Clair co-owns a yoga studio that thrives on bringing the yoga lifestyle to the clients' individual yoga practice and relationships with self, others, and the world. She aims to connect yoga back to a place of overall wellbeing and a lifestyle commitment to encourage a lifelong relationship with spiritual, physical, and emotional health through a consistent yoga lifestyle commitment and practice.

Clair has taught hot vinyasa yoga, Hibs Yoga, Reiki restorative and Budokon yoga in Las Vegas and Honolulu. The experiences she had with each of the different styles led her to brand her own style of yoga that focuses on proper alignment, use of props to enhance the practice, and a focus on both strength and flexibility. Clair teaches a variety of workshops, coaches yoga teachers and Reiki practitioners , and is working on curriculum development for an upcoming 300-hour yoga teacher training in Las Vegas. Yoga is not just her practice, it is Clair’s passion and way of life.

300 Hour Advanced YTT Heba Saab Yoga School, Las Vegas, NV
200 Hour Hot Vinyasa YTT Body Heat Hot Pilates Henderson, NV
50 Hour Advanced Yoga Training CEUs Heba Saab Yoga School
50 Hour Budokon Yoga Teacher Certification
Reiki Level I & II Attunements
Reiki Master Attunement
Body Heat Hot Pilates Certified, Henderson, NV
ACE Personal Trainer
Revo2lution Run Coach

IG: @loveandlight_c
Facebook: @ClairityOutLoud