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Trainee Spotlight- Nana

This time last year I had the pleasure of meeting face to face with Nana when she dropped in to the Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op for my yoga class. She was already pretty convinced that she wanted to take our training, and after taking the class, she was a definite YES! We sat and talked about her excitement, the journey she took to get to this point, and her dreams about sharing yoga -- a modality that had changed her life. 

Nana has such a unique perspective on life and her years of experience in different countries brought a richness to conversations that caused her fellow trainees and trainers alike to lean in and open up to the depth of her emotional bonds to those lived experiences. Nana was resistant to change, stuck in her ways, and having grown up in Japan, quite skeptical about all the “woowoo” stuff that went along with asana. She wanted to learn poses and forget the emotions -- but we were adamant that she learn it all and embrace what she could. It took time, but eventually Nana realized that we are a safe space to be exactly who she is and eventually she embraced us fully. 

It was because of this that though she is no longer living in Las Vegas, we know she carries us with her as she does all of the memories deeply ingrained in her heart. Nana doesn’t do social media or use a cell phone much. She lives off grid and is a minimalist and free spirit -- so we were so lucky to have her as part of our tribe while we did. Her soul is meant to roam wild and free and we know that she is sharing her magic exactly as she is meant to. It was no surprise to us that she quickly disappeared without a verbal goodbye, but with gifts dropped off at our door. She is unconventional and we love her for her -- exactly as she is. 

Don’t take that to mean that Nana is no longer part of our lives or in contact! Even living technology free and out in the wild unknown, Nana still drops a card in the mail to us, checking in and sending love. Undoubtedly, this is a testament to the incredible bond we cultivate in our yoga teacher training because she knows she always has a hOMe, a tribe to connect with in any way she can or chooses -- and she does. 

We always say that we are choosy about whom we give certificates to because we want to send out the best teachers into the yoga community. If you have the opportunity to work with Nana, know it will be unconventional, truly brilliant, and filled with love from one of the best of the best! 

Thank you, Nana, for taking your thread in the beautiful tapestry of life. We need your magic!

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