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Trainee Spotlight- Moni

Her transformation was crazy!

She’s like a little ball of steel!

She is fantastic! 

These are just a few things that we say about Monica when we see her - plus, receiving her hugs are like being absorbed in a warm blanket of unconditional love. She is passionate about sharing how yoga has transformed and impacted her life in order to guide others in their journey overcoming the massive impacts of life. 

When Monica joined us for teacher training in Fall 2019, her passion and drive came across so powerfully. She wasn’t sure about how it would all work out, but she was determined it would and you could feel that resolve like an additional being in the room. As she walked out of our application interview, we all knew that she was going to be one powerful yoga teacher come graduation and we looked forward to seeing her unfurl through the process. She showed up authentic and committed from our first interaction and it has been incredible to watch her journey first hand as she blossomed with her fellow Downtown Wildflowers. 

Monica joined us and seemed quiet and unsure - a bit disconnected and a little shy. As we dived into the tough work, she opened up slowly, but surely, giving us a glimpse of where she had come from and how much she had powered through her entire life. In a new setting, with new people Monica showed up fully and gave her all in sharing, releasing, and receiving in order to have maximum benefit. Because of her desire and drive, she did it with all the feels and lots of hugs, and slowly her disconnection melted away and her heart shined through. 

Monica graduated from teacher training and hit the ground running! She was ready to offer her time, energy, and expertise to the Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op community. She began teaching, sharing in the saucha of the studio space considering it a home away from home, and was an advocate for the studio and yoga right away. Monica began dreaming and planning how she would share yoga with unique and inspiring ideas and made connections so that she could start out the gate. She exemplifies the spirit of yoga: she’s accepting, willing to assist, and doesn’t know a stranger. Her smile is contagious and full of warmth - you know you are loved. 

You can find Moni sharing her loving energy and serving heart at TruFusion Blue Diamond or volunteering for Cupcake Girls. She will soon be sharing her Chola Yoga offerings internationally so that she can bring this powerful practice to her hometown in Mexico. She is one of a kind and we are so grateful she shared her magic with our tribe! 

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