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Signs You're Ready for Yoga Teacher Training

1. You prescribe yoga to anyone and everyone who will listen.

The answer is YOGA - every time you hear someone complain about a sore back, or lack of sleep, or a headache, or stress, or not having enough time in their day, or their dog won’t listen to them… you get the idea. The answer is always yoga. Even when no one really asked you, you’re ready to tell them they should try yoga. 

2. You want MORE! 

Those hour long or even 90 minute long yoga classes just aren’t cutting it anymore. You want workshops, you want to dive into books on yoga, you’re hungry for more information! You’ve always got questions for the yoga teacher, maybe you don’t always ask - but you want to ask them about your alignment, how to meditate, if you’re doing your pranayama right. You’re ready for answers - and you know you’d get them in a yoga teacher training program. 

3. Yoga is ALWAYS on the to-do list for the day. 

You find yourself declining invites because that’s when your favorite yoga class is. You basically live in yoga clothes. You’re always inviting friends to come to yoga with you. Yoga is your social life - or at least you want it to be! Being a yoga student isn’t just something you do, it’s become a part of your identity. 

4. You want to dive deeper.

You’re ready to do the inner work. You’re ready to dive into your emotions and start the work of healing. You know it will be hard, maybe painful, maybe scary, but you’re ready to face it. 

5. You want to build community. 

You want to meet like-minded people. You want to build connections with new yogi friends. Your non-yogi friends are sick of hearing about what happened in yoga class this morning - and you really want friends who “get it”. You want that yoga community. 

6. Yoga changed your life. 

Yoga helped you in a big way. You might even feel that it “saved you”. Maybe it did. Yoga got you through something and now you can’t imagine where you’d be without it. You know this is good medicine. You know it’s meant to be shared. And some part of you really wants to share it. Whether you become a yoga teacher and share it, or you just fill in the gaps of your knowledge and share it with those close to you. But you know you’re ready to share. 

7. You feel like it's calling you. 

You just feel drawn to it. Maybe you keep seeing instagram posts about yoga teacher training, or hearing conversations about someone’s ytt. Your favorite yoga teacher just announced they’re leading one and you’re interested, but not even sure you want to teach (or do you?). You just keep hearing about it, seeing it, and you can’t quite put your finger on it - but it feels meant to be. If you feel like you’re seeing all the signs, you’re not crazy. You are seeing all the signs. 

If this sounds like you, it’s time to GO FOR IT! No more waiting for signs - they’re here, you’ve seen them. 

If you had the urge to check off every line of this blog, you know it’s time. You are ready to take a yoga teacher training. If it felt like this blog was written about you, like we must have been spying on you - it’s because it was written for you, and we maybe spied on you -  just that one time though. 

There are so many incredible yoga teacher training programs out there. Do some research, read reviews, decide what you want to get out of it, ask the lead teachers questions. It’s time to dive in. And if you’re ready (you are) it’s time to take that next step. 

Cheers to the rest of your journey.

Las Vegas yogis and yoginis, if you’re ready to take that next step with us - we hope you are! - join us for our next round of yoga teacher training. 

You can find the schedule and all other details you may want here . Our Las Vegas yoga teacher training program is fully comprehensive. We also offer yoga teacher training intensives for those who don’t live in Las Vegas but would like to travel to train with us.

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