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Living in Our Values

Though many people believe that you can have work values and home values, we really only have one set of values that translates in all situations - your go to values when you see how you shine your light on every situation doesn’t alter. This is why, for your own mental health, it is so important to find companies, schools, and groups that are in alignment with your values. 

While your top values may not be the most important for places you spend your time and money, it is quite necessary to at least believe in the value system that is operating in the businesses where you choose to work and play. You can discover a value structure by looking at how the company treats clients, customers, or vendors and from the inside, how they treat their employees. 

At The Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op, we lean deeply into our top two values: unity and resiliency. We want to provide a place that is safe for coming together and working through the realities of life that are out of our control while being the support for those who want to overcome fears and take away the lessons of life in that safe space.

Why unity? 

When looking into the reality of what brings happiness, one of the top research findings is that connection with others is a precursor and indicator of true happiness. Though we may believe other things will lead to our happiness, once we are settled and secure (i.e. not worried about our next meal or place to sleep), we reach happiness when we have a sense of belonging and connection - when we find unity within our circle. It is here that we began to feel the safety to ask for what we need, express ourselves fully, and tap into the depths of our inner being that longs to be released from the fears of the ego. 

Why resiliency? 

We believe that people have only to be introduced to the power of their inner Self to work their way through some of the most uncomfortable situations in life. There is a true empowerment in knowing that no matter what life throws our way, we have the strength to overcome, move forward, and be stronger on the other side. It is in this message that we are able to weather uncomfortable conversations, bravely face our fears, and stand tall knowing that we can survive - in fact, we can thrive! 

If you are looking for a place that is in alignment with your values and this sounds like you, join us! We are here with open arms. 

Heal here. 

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