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Iconic Las Vegas: Fergusons

Snuggled right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, one of our favorite spots to visit and enjoy art, community, and coffee unique to Las Vegas is the one and only Fergusons Downtown. Not only are they rooted in community - as their hashtag #rootedincommunity suggests - they are also all about collaboration and cooperation. Is it any wonder we are totally obsessed with them??

Home to one of our favorite coffee shops, several unique stores, and Market in the Alley, there is definitely one vibe when you walk through the gates - community. Featured center stage when you walk through the entry gates - the sculpted semis that has come to be a welcomed sight when we enter knowing we will java great service, conversations, and connection.

From the jump, Jen Taler, the co-founder, has been one of the reasons for this concept coming to life. You can’t help but feel like family when you meet her and the amazing team that keeps the community incredible.Small but mighty, I have met most of them and everyone is full of inviting energy, kindness, and willingness to help wherever and whenever they can.

Jen, specifically, is passionate about bringing the Downtown Las Vegas Community together and has been pivotal in collaborations between Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op and Fergusons Downtown. Two of our favorite plans included the opportunity to spend time in their one of a kind Airstream Park: the housing or our 2020 Spring Immersion (cancelled due to the pandemic - but future plans are in the works!) and an Urban Retreat Weekend getaway! Stay tuned to learn more about when we will have these events in the near(ish) future!

When I asked Jen to give me a quote that best represents Downtown Fergusons, she said: "Fergusons Downtown’s is a city block #rootedincommunity. Focusing on highlighting our local creative community through different avenues. As well as a space that listens, collaborates, is supportive, safe & inclusive. Fergusons Downtown is here to create alongside the community and make long lasting impact & change.”

We can’t help but agree.

Stay tuned for upcoming collaborations and follow @fergusonsdowntown to learn more about their upcoming events.

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