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Holistic Self Care Tools

Rituals and routines can have a profound impact on your overall health and well being. Whether it’s morning, night or tiny check-ins throughout the day, self-care routines should be flexible, sustainable and practical for your unique lifestyle.

Here are a few quick and easy holistic options to add in to your self-care ritual to have you looking and feeling your best and living your most vibrant life!

  1. Gua Sha - an easy way to brighten your skin, improve your circulation and move lymph, this traditional eastern practice is simple yet impactful. You can order a gua sha tool online and it can help reduce inflammation in your face and neck while giving a gentle facial massage

2. Lemon - Yum. Ways to use lemon:

  1. Squeeze into hot water first thing in the morning to naturally detoxify your digestive system and aid digestion when you wake up

  2. Add some wedges to your water bottle to add flavor and brighten your skin!

  3. Use as a natural deodorant by wiping a small slice of lemon onto your underarms. Gently rinse off any sticky residue once the lemon juice has dried.

3. Tongue Scraping - an Ayurvedic technique that is performed after you’ve brushed your teeth. Instead of brushing your tongue, try scraping it. A tongue scraper can be ordered online or found at a local drug store. Not only will it greatly improve your oral health it can also:

  1. Detoxify your system

  2. Improve your sense of taste

4. Neti Pot - a Kriya, cleanse your nasal passages and sinuses with distilled water and saline. This can be done daily or when you’re experiencing inflammation or congestion of your sinuses or even during allergy season. Breathe clearer and cleanse from the inside out. Neti pots can be ordered online or found at your local drug store.

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