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Building Community Through COVID

By Adriana Lee

2020 has been a year that was shaken, not stirred. COVID shook things up - both in good ways, and in really terrible ways. Life as we knew it is gone. For many of us, the communities we were a part of are now gone too - or at least drastically changed by social distancing. 

You’ve probably experienced at least one awkward “do we hug?” moment. You probably tried online yoga with differing levels of success in your practice. But one recurring theme for this year seems to be that something is missing. Something important. And that is community. 

Your yoga community, your community of friends, and all of the other micro communities you were a part of have changed, like everything else. This year the Las Vegas yoga community had to skip their annual festivals, OmFest, and Las Vegas Yoga Fest, along with all other festivals and large gatherings. 

But just because we can’t gather, doesn’t mean we can’t connect.

Building Community Through Coronavirus

1.Attend online events.

Make plans with friends to “attend” online events like festivals, webinars, and concerts. Even though you’re not physically together, you’ll still have the shared experience of attending the event - and it’s more interesting than spending an hour deciding what to watch on Netflix. 

2. Attend online circles and support groups.

Women’s circles, full moon gatherings, and support groups have all moved their events online. Search on Facebook or online for groups you might be interested in joining. Or host one yourself! Monthly and weekly online circles can be a great way to stay connected and build new connections while staying physically distanced. 

3.Take live in person or online yoga classes. 

Many studios that are open have upped their cleaning protocols, have clear markings on the ground where mats can go, and are enforcing mask wearing. If you feel comfortable attending live classes, you can still build your yoga community in a safe way. 

Alternatively, if you do not feel safe taking public classes just yet, live classes on Zoom and other platforms are being offered daily, and before class is a great time to chat with other fellow attendees and the teacher. 

4.Get creative! What can you do in your community to stay connected? 

Are there hiking groups that still meet safely you can find on Meetup or Facebook? 

Community is so important and crucial for all human beings - even through COVID. Find a way that you can (safely) build your community, connect, and truly thrive this year!

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