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Build Intuition

Though there is a common misconception that there are intuitive people and non-intuitive people, the truth is that we are all intuitive - some people are just more in tune with their intuition than others. In great news, if you are desiring to be more intuitive, it is a skill that you can improve with practice and intention.

What is Intuition?

Intuition is the deep level of wisdom that comes from your mind-body connection. When you can identify something without analytical reasoning. This is when you have an inner knowing that may come from a sensation in your body or a flash of information from one or several of your senses (i.e. color, smell, vision, etc.) and your ability to make a decision based on your unconscious instinct or “gut feeling” and conscious reasoning.

Intuition is one of the aspects that separates us from other animals. Animals - including humans - have instincts, yet we have the benefit of being able to use our instinct and rational mind to make decisions about life, work, others, and situations. This is something that other animals don’t have the ability to do. Think of a scared rabbit that runs at the slightest sound or a momma bear that attacks any threat that is even near her cubs. Neither the rabbit nor the bear has the benefit of intuition whereas a human could pause and realize the shuffle in the trees was non threatening or give assess if the person around was actually a threat to the cubs.

Three (3) Ways to Build Intuition

Like a muscle, your intuition can be built up with practice and intention. First, it is important to note that intuition that is ignored eventually diminishes. If you have been ignoring your intuition for awhile, it may take extra time and practice to reignite it. Just trust the process, take your time and put in the time to allow yourself to trust yourself.

Here are three surefire ways to build your intuition:

  1. Use a Journal/ Take Notes

You will need to enlist the help of a trusted friend for this journaling activity! Sit with a friend breathing together. After 8-10 breaths focusing on your friend, write down any thoughts, feelings, or ideas that come to mind. Write without judgement. You may see colors, hear numbers, have a “thought” - put on a timer for 3-5 minutes and just focus on learning as much as you can from your intuition .

Don’t have a friend available to practice with every day? Use the weather instead. In the morning, open a window and look outside and journal what you intuit will happen with the skies for the day. Reread your notes at the day’s end and note what was correct and what you missed. You will make mistakes - this is part of the process.

2. Feel Your Physical Feelings

You know about emotions - sadness, joy, anger, and disgust, to name a few. But, do you know what they feel like in your body? Start to take notice of what your body feels when you are feeling specific emotions. There are some sensations that are similar. For example, in anxiety your heart may race, your energy might be on high causing sensations of tingling in your upper extremities, and you may feel like you want to crawl out of your skin. Similarly, when you are excited about something, you may feel your heart race, you may feel tingling in your upper extremities, and you may feel like you are bursting at the seams (sound familiar?)

To build intuition, start to note the subtle differences between your similar emotions until you are able to clearly distinguish when you are feeling each of your vast range of emotions. This is a lifelong practice.

3. Get Curious (Instead of Judgey)

Have a feeling about that new person at your job? Did you notice hairs standing on your neck when you went on a specific street on your walk? Start getting curious about what your body is desiring to tell you instead of brushing it off as “being crazy” or the societal belief that hunches aren't enough to indicate something. If you allow your logical mind to take over, you have lost your connection to intuition, so stay in your body (see #2 above) to feel what you are feeling and get curious about the message your body is telling you.

Be sure to practice this in safe environments - utilizing this when you are in a dark alley alone is not the best practice! However, if you have been practicing in safe places, should you come to a dark alley, you will be better equipped to know if it is safe.

Practicing these three activities will allow you to gain clarity from your body wisdom and better use your intuition. Being in tune with your intuition provides a fuller self awareness and builds confidence in living your authentic life with joy, bliss, and the best things in life for you guaranteed.

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