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3 Restorative Poses for the Second Trimester

Growing a baby is no small feat. Your body changes and adapts in many, many amazing ways to accommodate your new little love. These restorative poses can be a yummy release for the strain on the low back and hips as your belly grows but can also be an amazing space to let go of the stresses of this huge life transformation that you're undergoing.

So take it easy, Mama. Give yourself some rest.

** Note: You'll need two blankets, two blocks and a bolster for these poses but if you have these items at home, use pillows and blankets to make the poses as comfy as possible

  1. Supta Baddha Konasana

  2. Supported Side Opener

  3. Supported Child's Pose - put enough support beneath your chest and hips so that there is plenty of space for belly to expand unrestricted

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