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Art of Assisting:
Hands On Healing

August 2023

In this workshop, you will learn and practice how to shift the energy of your students' or clients' yoga practice by differentiating your type and style of touch. 


After our time together, you will:

  • Be able to distinguish between different types of touch and when to best utilize each 

  • Practice the art of touch - how to approach and move away while giving assists

  • Practice giving hands on assists so you become more familiar with your levels of touch 

  • Anatomy and how different areas of the body respond to different touch 

  • Assists for advanced Asana 

    • Arm balances

    • Inversions

    • Twists 

    • Binds 

    • And more! 


You will feel more confident and knowledgeable with guiding students and clients with the energy of touch and grounded hands on assists. 


Led by Clair Thomas 


Use these 4 hours toward our Yoga Alliance registered 300 Hour Certification OR YA CEU’s (cannot be used for both)

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