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Vegan Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Cream = healthy version

By Alison Chambers (@dtlvblogger)

Can delicious and healthy dwell in the same dessert? They can if you’re making Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Cream presented by Stefanie Ramsden Dougherty.

Stefanie is a Plant-Based Lifestyle coach with Green Sage Life. She focuses on sharing whole-food, plant-based recipes, kitchen techniques, health information and philosophy. Anyone who wants to prepare and eat healthier, delicious vegan meals will enjoy her creative recipes whether or not they are devoted to a vegan diet.

Stefanie holds a Live Plant-based Cooking Class at the Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op once a month. Her recipes are completed in less than an hour. I like that she has gluten-free selections. Her classes include helpful tips on optimizing your time in the kitchen.

The class participants could hardly believe that a bowlful of cashews were going to magically become vanilla cream for the shortcake with no dairy added, but in a few short minutes, they did!

The gluten-free mini shortcakes were poured in silicone baking cups and baked in a toaster oven! No need to heat up the entire kitchen with the big oven.

Stefanie’s next class will be Thursday, June 27, 2019 where she will prepare homemade, non-dairy pesto from scratch to be used as a spread on delicious grilled vegetable panini. What a perfect meal for summer!

The Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op is located at 701 East Bridger Avenue, Suite 150, Las Vegas NV 89101 inside the Driven NeuroRecovery Center. The Co-op is dedicated to wellness in all aspects of living and offers a wide variety of classes, workshops and trainings, as well as healing services including massage, cupping, reiki, meditation and more.

Check out for class schedules, workshops, trainings and other happenings!

Stefanie’s website is for more plant-based diet information.

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