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Tips to Keep Your Yoga Classes Interesting

We've all been in a teaching rut. Sometimes our creativity or class sequencing can feel stagnant or boring. Whether you're teaching group classes or privates, it's great to change things up in your sequencing to make sure you and your students alike are growing and changing.

Here are few tips to keep your yoga classes interesting:

  1. Take a new yoga class yourself - sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way. Try a class with a new teacher or a studio you've never tried before. We teach best from our own experience and things that we feel in our own bodies. Take what you experience in class and put your own spin on it.

  2. Let your classes and teaching style change with the seasons - our lives are linear and our sequencing shouldn't be either. Much like it benefits us to eat food that is "in season", our yoga practice should change and adapt to the season that our bodies are in.

  3. Choose a peak pose that you've never tried before - we all have a pose or group of poses that we avoid or feel we don't really know well enough to teach. Sequence a class to THAT pose. You know what it is. :)

  4. Use a fun transition as a your class peak - I love to play with a slow transition from Lizard Lunge to Extended Side Plank and back and will often use the "feel" of the transition as my peak "pose". When I do that, I can weave the feel of this transition into different parts of class.

  5. Add drills - drills are a great way to teach essential actions within poses and can really help build fire on the way to your peak.

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