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Tips for Managing Stress

Let's face it... there are endless reasons to be stressed these days. Between an ongoing global pandemic, keeping up with our to-do lists, and the myriad other atrocities and tragedies happening all over the world, we are constantly bombarded with THINGS. Feeling overwhelmed is totally normal (and possibly to be expected) but stress doesn't have to rule our life.

  1. Create a routine - It may sound simple but a daily routine is a great way to manage your stress in the long term. Knowing what you need to tackle in your day ahead of time and being prepared mentally will boost confidence and reduce extra chaos. Don't forget to schedule time for self-care!

  2. Have a strategy - What is your go-to when stress is running high? If you're anything like me, you might turn to the not so healthy and helpful options. Take a moment when you're relaxed and consider a strategy that you can use when you're experiencing a high stress moment. Essential oils and breathing techniques might be quick fixes to bring you back to baseline.

  3. Make a list - Getting organized can do wonders when you're feeling overwhelmed. Write down the tangible and practical things you can do in your day. Even making lists for the future can help you take a few of those things out of your mind and onto paper for you to address later.

  4. Schedule quiet moments - Designate specific time in your day to check in with yourself. Sit with a cup of tea, write a gratitude list, enjoy a yummy treat. Anything to connect with your body and your senses throughout the day can be help with taking inventory of your stress levels.

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