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Three Tips to Enhance Your Cord Cutting Experience

Have you felt the connection to another person that keeps you in old patterns of behavior when you interact or think about them? Or have you found that you are unable to stop yourself from thinking about them even though they are no longer in your life? It may be time for a cord cutting.

Cord cutting is an energetic disconnection from other souls that you have interacted with in this lifetime - and sometimes others. Though there are a variety of rituals to cut these energetic cords that tie us to the people that we have sacred contracts and relationships with, the intention is more important than the actual ritual you decide to use.

Each person you interact with in this lifetime has committed to a sacred contract with you in the spiritual realm before you came into this physical form. Though it may be a challenge to admit that even those that cause us the most anguish and hurt agreed to guide us in this lifetime, the truth is, that is exactly what they committed to do. And you agreed to it.

Whether the agreement is for you to trust your inner knowing, develop and demand your boundaries, or trust that you are already worthy, there are times when we still suffer because we have let the physical form go, but not yet the spiritual. Enter cord cutting.

Here are 3 things to help you on your cord cutting journey.

1. Your sacred team can be called upon.

One of the most powerful ways you can hold this ceremony is to remember that you are not alone. Calling on your guides, spirit animals, angels, and ancestors to hold you in love is very powerful and makes the experience that much more impactful. I especially love calling on Archangel Michael and his powerful sword to aid in the actual cutting of the cord(s).

2. There can be one or many cords connecting you.

Allow yourself to be open to seeing what this cord or cords look like to this person. When you are doing the visualization, you may be surprised to find that the cords don’t look like what you imagine. They can be thick as tree trunks and as thin as thread. There can be one or many. With the intention of cutting it away no matter what it looks like or how many, you will have much more success than trying to “force” it to look like a cord you’ve seen in the physical world. Energetic cords take on the look that best serves the relationship - until it is time to release the connection.

3. One ceremony may not be enough.

Though we can hope that one ceremony is enough, if there is still contact or connection, there may be need for several rituals. If after completing one, if you still feel a connection, it doesn’t mean you did it wrong. It means that there is more to do and schedule a time that feels appropriate to you for moving forward with another ceremony. A really great time to release and do cord cutting is during a waning moon as the moon works with you on releasing what no longer serves you.

Tried your cord cutting ceremony or ritual yet? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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