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Tarot Spread for Full Moon in Sagittarius

♐🌕 Full Moon in Sagittarius 🌕♐

This FULL MOON in Sagittarius is asking you to be optimistic.

✨ "The greatest need is to always search for something. In order to feel safe you might find that you need to have a goal, mission or philosophy that gives your life meaning. - Moon Calendar✨

This eclipse may bring out the fight or flight in you.

Fiery Sagittarius can often be impulsive. During this eclipse, watch out for quick decisions. Sit & breathe instead. Take your time, & check in with yourself before taking reckless action.

✨ 🌕 ✨

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our ✨Full Moon✨ in Sagittarius ♐ spread!

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