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Speaking Truth: How I Found my Voice

After your yoga teacher training (YTT), you may find yourself in a sea of uncertainty. You may ask yourself, "What's my secret sauce?" or "What's my unique voice in the yoga community?" Trust me, I've been there.

The good news is that you're not alone, and even better, you have a unique voice that the world needs. But how do you discover it? That's where Solstice Yoga School comes in. We help you use the principles of yama and niyama to uncover your unique skills and passions, and then we guide you in combining them with what the world needs in a way that is monetizable. This helps you craft not just your best life but also your best business.

I remember my own journey, when I was convinced that the best way to succeed in the yoga space was to emulate Adriana, a beautiful, well-loved, and successful yoga teacher. I thought I needed to be skinny, blonde, and flexible to have a place in the yoga world. I did everything I could to imitate her looks and clear popularity, but I always felt like I was in her shadow.

I felt that my ideas were less than hers and hers were always well received. I once wrote an email to Samantha and Adriana, expressing my feelings of inadequacy and wondering if I even had a place in the company anymore. My confession was met with kindness, love, and curiosity, showing me that I was valued and appreciated for who I was, not for how I looked or how flexible I was.

This experience taught me that I needed to revisit the principles of yama and niyama. I needed to evaluate my thoughts and beliefs about myself and my place in the yoga world through the filter of nonviolence, truth, nonstealing, moderation, and nonattachment. I knew I had to clean up my thoughts and beliefs, return to contentment through gratitude, and understand myself better.

At Solstice Yoga School, we focus on a combination of traditional eastern and modern western yoga practice. Our training is well-rounded and appropriate for the dedicated yogi who would like to start teaching yoga as well as the student who would like to delve deeper into the wisdom of yoga. Our Yoga Teacher Training focuses on intelligent sequencing based in biomechanics and anatomy knowledge supported by hands-on assists and alignment.

We're here to remind you, as well as our grads, that each of you has a unique place in this community. There is enough to go around. We provide an opportunity for you to hone in and listen to your body’s needs and intuition to benefit both your practice and that of your future students. And we do this by leaning on the principles of yama and niyama.

Don't let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Remember, the people who are for you, will be with you - no matter what you look like or how flexible you are. And with a little help from the principles of yama and niyama, you can find your unique voice in the yoga community and beyond.

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