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New Moon in Virgo Tarot Spread


🌑 Virgo new moon is a time to clean out the junk drawers of your life 🌑

August 27th's New Moon in Virgo is harshly aspected by Mars meaning that this is a time for learning to control impatience, impulsiveness, anger, and frustration.

Virgo, the virgin, is a mutable earth sign. Virgos tend to be humble, practical, and industrious. They're kind, methodical, quick-thinkers - but this can often leave them prone to stress.

This New Moon is not a lucky one. It may bring out some destructive energies. Watch your emotions. Give yourself time and space. This is a great time to work on how you deal with these emotions. Journal, exercise, and work on projects around the house. It may be a good idea to stay in for the night to avoid unnecessary conflict.

✨Clean out the junk drawers of your life this New Moon. Practice patience with yourself & others. 🌑 You can do this, SolShine.✨

✨ 🌑 ✨

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our✨New Moon✨ in Virgo spread!

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