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New Moon in Taurus + Eclipse Tarot Spread

🌑 this first eclipse of the year marks the beginning of something *big* 🌑

We see some big changes headed your way!

April 30th's new moon + solar eclipse is a sign of MAJOR transformation.

This New Moon in Taurus coupled with the first eclipse of the year may stir some things up in the cosmos. Eclipse energy is characterized by sudden twists of fate, epiphanies, & quick shifts in perspective. Luckily Taurus, the Bull, is a grounded earth sign that can bring about stability… as long as you remain focused on acceptance, rather than letting the quick-tempered sign of the Bull heat up your anger.

April 29th marks the beginning of Pluto retrograde which may inspire you to do some inner digging around power, sex, & the cycles of birth & death. This retrograde lasts five months so it may feel like a subtle urge to self-reflect.

✨ Things are happening for you, not to you! 🌑 Remember that & you'll thrive, SolShine.✨

✨ 🌑 ✨

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our ✨New Moon✨ in Taurus spread!

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