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New Moon in Scorpio

Expect desire, wonder, & passion this New Moon in ♏Scorpio♏

It's a New Moon, it's a new day, & we're feeling GOOD!🌚

The November 4th New Moon in ♏Scorpio♏ is bringing up curiosity & wonder.

✨ Scorpio, the Scorpion, gets a bad rap for its deadly sting. This water sign is known for their passion, persistence, loyalty, curiosity, and focus. ✨

This New Moon can bring up desire & sensuality. Don't be surprised if you receive some texts from your exes. "U up?"

If you're in a romantic partnership, this is a great time for passion, love, seduction, and connection.

Steer clear of manipulation during this time. Scorpio has a tendency to manipulate, control, and weave webs of lies to get what they want. The new moon may amplify this energy.

Check your motives. Are you leading with heart? Or are you treating others like your property?

Water rituals, like salt baths, are a great way to celebrate this New Moon. Bath ritual below!

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our ✨New Moon✨ in Scorpio ♏ spread!

Bath Ritual for the Scorpio New Moon

Watery Scorpio helps us connect with our passion, desire, and focus! Use this new moon bath ritual to help you harness the energy of the moon & manifest your desires.

Water signs are ruled by their emotions. Use this ritual to release any emotional baggage you’ve been carrying.

You’ll need:

  • Epsom salts - use these liberally. Salt sucks - it pulls toxins and stuck energy out of you. We recommend using about one cup.

  • Essential oils, like lavender, juniper, or anything you like.

  • A glass of something soothing like hot tea or wine

  • Candles, incense, sage, or anything you’d like to burn.

  • Optional: herbs, flower petals, to add to the salts and to the bath

Mix your Epsom salts, essential oils, and optional flower petals and herbs. You can place these directly into the bath, but mixing the oils into the salt first makes the bath more fragrant. If you’re adding herbs or flower petals, you can put these into a small muslin bag so that they don’t clog your drain, or make sure they’re in small enough pieces that they’ll easily go down the drain.

As you sit in the bath, visualize the water purifying you and releasing excess emotions from you. This is a great time to journal on your emotions and write out affirmations.

Sit in the bath as it drains and visualize any impurities going down the drain with the water. Complete the ritual with your favorite soothing beverage.

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