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New Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

March 2nd's New Moon in ♓ Pisces ♓ is a good time to make positive changes. Your creativity may be sparked, you may be full of new ideas, & you may feel more inclined to share your dreams with others!

The major bodies are all direct, contributing to a feeling of forward momentum. This is an ideal time to commit to your personal goals, especially those that align with Pisces energy.

Pisces, the Fish, is known for being the dreamer. Pisces energy is spiritual, creative, sensitive, & imaginative. You may find yourself daydreaming during this new moon, or with your head in the clouds. While some people may find Pisces unrealistic & prefer to pursue more rational goals, to quote Marie Forleo, “Everything is figureoutable.”

✨ Let the Pisces New Moon illuminate the possibilities! 🌑 If you can dream it, you can do it, SolShine.✨

✨ 🌑 ✨

Ready to ask the cards?

Consult your tarot deck with our✨New Moon✨ in Pisces ♓ spread!

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