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New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

April 1st's New Moon in ♈ Aries ♈ is especially ripe with opportunity for new beginnings. Consider acting on a worthwhile impulse, trusting your gut, or taking a risk.

🌑 This New moon calls for brave action 🌑

This new moon is asking you to s l o w down. Journal, meditate, consult your cards, & take the time to plan your next move. This is a time for calculated, brave, action – try something new, take charge of your life, & amp up your personal power with courage. Learn to rely on yourself this new moon & avoid blame. Trust that you are enough & watch your happiness grow.

Aries ♈ the Ram, is known for their ambition. This fire sign stands tall. They are assertive, confident, & honest. However they tend to rush into things head first and can be a bit impatient. Watch for this energy during the time of the new moon.

✨ Let the Aries New Moon 🌑 encourage you to be brave & take action, SolStar.✨

✨ 🌑 ✨

Ready to ask the cards?

Consult your tarot deck with our ✨New Moon✨ in Aries tarot ♈ spread!

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