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New Moon in Aries Tarot Spread

This new moon in Aries may be bringing up some uncertainty.

Are you rushing through problem as they come up? This New Moon is asking you to take the time to FEEL things out before rushing into decision making mode.

Quick tempers & irritation may come up. Don't let your emotions get the best of you. While sparks may fly, use your breath as a tool to bring you back down to earth.

While this Aries energy may be energizing - watch for quick, passion driven decisions. Give yourself space to feel.

Our limbic brain is the center of emotions. When we decide from our gut - what we're actually doing is using our emotional center to make decisions. Often our best decisions come from our "guts" or our "hearts" - aka the limbic brain.

Meditate or move through problem solving, rather than overthinking or rushing your decisions this new moon.

Check out this New Moon in Aries tarot spread & use your intuition to guide you!

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