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Matcha Latte

So many people have a strong addiction to coffee. Though often it seems like the addiction is to caffeine - have you ever replaced your coffee with a black or green tea and still craved the coffee? That's due in large part to the fact that not all caffeine is created equal - or at least how it interacts with our bodies.

You can find research in both directions on whether caffeine is a benefit or a detriment, but I am from the belief that it depends on sourcing, processing, and how you're consuming it. And I consume caffeine from the best sources I can find.

One of my favorite sources of caffeine is matcha. I highly recommend you find the purest matcha that you can ethically sourced from Japan. I personally use Matcha Kari from (I'm not an affiliate nor do I get any kickback - I just love their matcha and story).

I drink matcha ceremonially, but also love a good latte and get the benefits while also enjoying the process of making my own hemp milk.

Benefits of matcha:

  • May reduce anxiety

  • May assist with weight loss

  • May increase antioxidant intake

Benefits of hemp milk:

  • Complete protein

  • Has more protein

  • Has healthy fats

So, making this delicious latte is so good for you on many levels!

Happy matcha drinking!


Ingredients List

For hemp milk:

½ cup hemp seeds

3-4 cups of water (depends on how creamy you want it)

pinch of sea salt

1-3 whole dates (depending on your sweet preference)

½ tsp vanilla extract

For matcha paste:

1 tsp of matcha powder

splash of hot water (no more than 180° F)


Sweetener of choice*


  1. To make the hemp milk, remove the seeds from the dates and soak them in part of the water while you place all of the other ingredients in a high speed blender. Add the dates and water in and blend on high for 30-40 seconds or until the liquid is smooth.

  2. While the blender is working it's magic, put the matcha in your cup and add enough water to make a green paste. Use a whisk or fork to mix the paste and make it as smooth as possible.

  3. When the milk is done, use a steamer or warm up on the stove to your temperature of choice if you want it warm (you can also pour it over ice!)

  4. Add the milk to you matcha paste and stir.


*Note: I prefer mine naturally sweetened by the dates, but you can add agave, honey, or monk fruit to sweeten it a bit if you prefer. .

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