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Full Moon in Taurus Tarot Spread

Self Acceptance is KEY this Full Moon in Taurus ♉

🌕 Peace & tranquility come from within this Full Moon in Taurus 🌕

♉This FULL MOON & Lunar Eclipse in Taurus may bring up your need for safety & stability. Look within to satisfy these needs. ♉

✨The sign of Taurus, the Bull, is a fixed earth sign. This means that they crave stability, and don't like change. They tend to prefer staying home over social settings. They also have "all or nothing" energy. ✨

The lunar eclipse, and placement of Jupiter and Pluto may stir up the need to change what needs to be changed. This can be a time for extravagance & splendor, as well as a time of ambition, drive, and willingness to take action.

Feelings of discontent may arise. Sit with those feelings before springing into action.

Remember that self acceptance comes from within. Don't make the mistake of seeking it from material things.

✨ 🌕 ✨

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our✨Full Moon✨ in Taurus ♉ spread!

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