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Full Moon in Pisces Tarot Spread

Let your imagination run WILD this Full Moon in Pisces♓

🌕 September 20th is a Full Moon in Pisces 🌕

This Full Moon in ♓ Pisces ♓ is asking you to harness your creativity & get in touch with your emotions.

✨ Dreamy Pisces is one of the most spiritual signs. Intuitive, artistic, & wise - this sign has incredible empathy & emotional capacity. ✨

Pisces full moon can bring out a wild array of emotions. Giving us a taste of "artistic temperament".

Keep your boundaries strong & don't let your emotions overwhelm you.

The trick is to stay present. This is a great time for meditation, restorative yoga, epsom salt baths, dream journaling, & tuning into your intuition.

With the Pisces full moon amplifying your intuition, your dreams, visions, and gut feelings are guiding you towards the TRUTH.

The only way to test your intuition is to TRUST it.

Ready to ask the cards? Consult your tarot deck with our ✨Full Moon✨ in Pisces ♓ spread!

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