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May 2023

Breath is LIFE! Pranayama is defined as an extension of life force energy. Ancient yogis knew that through harnessing the power of breath, you can amplify your own energy & improve your life. 


This three hour workshop is a deep dive into the power of breath where you’ll learn breathwork techniques, benefits of breathwork on the nervous system, & the effects that different styles of pranayama have on the body.  Utilize the breath to explore the physical, mental, & emotional body to gain understanding of yourself. Use the breath to sparkle up your spirit & create harmony within yourself.


Come prepared for an intense hour long breathwork and movement practice that will leave you feeling energized, focused, & with an overall feeling of well-being.  This deep breathing practice releases endorphins & helps to jumpstart the healing process. You'll leave with a deeper understanding of breathwork, the tools you need to create a daily breathwork practice, & the ability to use the breath for healing. 


Led by Adriana Lee


Use these 3 hours toward our Yoga Alliance registered 300 Hour Certification OR YA CEU’s (cannot be used for both)

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