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500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 


Next program begins September 5, 2023

At Solstice Yoga School, we believe that yoga is a deeply healing practice and tradition. After you've had time to apply your 200-hour training, you're ready to expand your knowledge of asana and anatomy and deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy, and hone your teaching skills. Our 300- hour yoga teacher training is a comprehensive program of advanced yoga studies and teaching principles. As a built in part of our curriculum you will have the opportunity to choose your own electives based on your interest.


You will walk away with expertise in: 

  • Asana and its relationship to human anatomy and biomechanics

  • Yogic philosophy and everyday application

  • Pranayama and meditation as tools for self care

  • Using yoga to optimize your health

  • Emotional intelligence, healthy communication and using yoga to self-regulate emotions


You will leave this training as a more skillful, impactful and confident yoga teacher able to affect your students on a deeper level. 


This training will give you ample opportunities to learn what is sacred for you and develop a ritual and/or ceremony practice that resonates with you. 


Curriculum & Program Structure

Module 1: Foundations

Sept 5 - Oct 29, 2023


Tues & Thurs 6-8p via Zoom

Saturdays 11-6p 

Sundays 11-6p

This module will cover the foundations of asana, yogic philosophy and Solstice Yoga cueing, sequencing and feedback guidelines. 

Module 2: Core Curriculum

Jan 23 - March 17, 2024  


Tues & Thurs 6-8p via Zoom

Saturdays 11-6p

Sundays 11-6p

This module will deepen your knowledge of applied anatomy, advanced teaching skills, as well as techniques to personalize your practice beyond asana. This module will provide ample opportunity for advancement in meditation, ceremony and asana and for teaching and providing feedback.


DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center

701 E Bridger Ave. Suite 150

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Module 3: Electives

Choose your own workshops up to a minimum of 40 Hours


Workshops offered in person and online:

2023 & 2024 Dates coming soon

Module 4: Mentorship & Practice

50 Hours via Zoom

Schedule to be determined upon enrollment

This module includes 1 on 1 meetings with your mentor, homework assignments and other personalized and goal specific practices.

300 Hour Curriculum includes:

  • Application of Anatomy to Yoga

  • Advanced Cueing

  • Deeper Level Adjusting, Hands-on Assists, & Bodywork

  • Intelligent Sequencing For Privates, Workshops, & Advanced Classes

  • Modern Day Application of Traditional Yoga Philosophy

  • Teaching Techniques to Improve Pranayama & Meditation

  • Deeper Level Intent Setting with Chakras & Energetics

  • Opportunities to Observe & Give Feedback Using Yoga Methodology

Our 300 Hour program is customizable and can be completed at your own pace in as short as 9 months or as long as 24 months. Upon enrollment, you will be contacted by our Yoga Director to plan your personal timeline and goals for completion of your certification.

300 Hour Training Prerequisites: 

  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification

  • Minimum 50 Hours of teaching yoga classes

Requirements to Complete

300 Hour Training: 

  • Attend all program hours

  • Complete assigned readings and homework

  • Complete observation & feedback forms

  • Complete tuition payments


300 Hour Tuition - $4,700

$750 non-refundable deposit due at enrollment



Payment plan options available. For more info, please email

Teaching Guides

Image 11-4-20 at 5.17 PM.jpg
Clair Thomas
500 E-RYT, 200 E-RYT, YACEP

Clair Thomas is an authentic yoga instructor with more than 5 years of experience teaching yoga, teaching and giving Reiki, teaching dance fitness, giving Aromatouch, and training on Nutrition Solutions. She has a passion for guiding students to reach for finding pleasure in their yoga practice through proper, safe alignment and breath. Clair enjoys bringing connection to the class, community, and individual yoga practice. She aims to connect yoga back to a place of overall wellbeing and a lifestyle commitment to encourage her students' lifelong relationship with spiritual, physical, and emotional health through a consistent yoga practice.


Clair has taught hot vinyasa yoga, Hibs Yoga, and Reiki restorative in Las Vegas and Honolulu. The experiences she had with each of the different styles led her to brand her own style of yoga - Clairity Yoga - that focuses on proper alignment, use of props to enhance the practice, and a focus on both strength and flexibility. Clair has taught a variety of workshops, has been a mentor teacher for yoga teachers, and is working on curriculum development for an upcoming 200-hour yoga teacher training in Las Vegas. Yoga is not just her practice, it is Clair’s passion and way of life.


  • 300 Hour Advanced YTT Heba Saab Yoga School, Las Vegas, NV

  • 200 Hour Hot Vinyasa YTT Body Heat Hot Pilates Henderson, NV

  • 50 Hour Advanced Yoga Training CEUs Heba Saab Yoga School

  • Reiki Level I & II Attunements

  • Reiki Master Attunement

  • Body Heat Hot Pilates Certified, Henderson, NV

  • ACE Personal Trainer

  • Revo2lution Run Coach

IG: @loveandlight_c

Facebook: @ClairityOutLoud

Adriana Lee
500 E-RYT, 200 E-RYT, YACEP

Adriana Lee is all about self discovery and empowerment through yoga. She teaches her students how to breathe, how to feel, and how to get reacquainted with their bodies. As a teacher, she breaks down big concepts and complicated poses to make them more interesting and more accessible. She is a total anatomy geek and is constantly learning more and more about the body so that she can better serve her students. Students leave the class feeling refreshed, connected to their bodies, and empowered.

Adriana is truly passionate about yoga and radiates love to her students. She says, “I found yoga at an impressionable age & important time in my life. I was too young to understand the depth of what I was doing - thought it was just exercise. But it made an imprint on me. Later, I used yoga to get through a challenging relationship and even more challenging divorce. That’s when I decided to become a teacher. It was my safe haven. I learned to be strong, resilient, and more importantly I learned how to feel my emotions fully rather than numbing out. I wanted to share the gift of what I learned. It was way too good to keep all to myself. “ Her intention is to share what she has learned about the magic of movement & the bliss of being.


  • 300 Hour Advanced YTT Heba Saab Yoga School, Las Vegas, NV

  • 200 Hour YTT Frog Lotus Yoga Suryalila, Spain

  • 50 Hour Advanced Yoga Training CEUs Heba Saab Yoga School

  • 50 Hour Budokon Yoga Teacher Training, Miami, FL

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunements

  • Stott Pilates 200 Hour

  • Barre Above Instructor

  • RealRyder Indoor Cycling Instructor

IG: @adrianainflow

Samantha Okumura
BA, 200 Hour YT

Samantha Okumura has been teaching group and private yoga classes for over 5 years and believes that the yoga practice is a powerful tool for healing physical and emotional trauma. Her classes place emphasis on intelligent sequencing, alignment and the subtle aspects of the practice to help the student build a sustainable and strong self-care practice .

Samantha has led vinyasa, hatha and restorative classes through the Bay Area and Las Vegas area and now offers several Hatha Flow classes at the Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op as well as a free Chair yoga to the disability community weekly. 


  • BA Integrative Physiology

  • 200 Hour YTT Dragonfly Yoga + Wellness, Livermore, CA

  • 7,500+ hands on hours as NeuroRecovery Specialist

  • 2,500+ hands on hours of Adaptive Yoga 

  • ACE Personal Trainer 

  • ACE MediCupping

IG: @samoku11

Facebook: @Samantha.Okumura

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