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Journal Prompts to Step Away from Struggle

Right now, are you feeling STUCK or in FLOW?

We all deserve to live VIBRANT lives. We deserve to be in FLOW with the universe.

But sometimes, life throws obstacles at us. We don’t always see these as opportunities for growth & expansion.

Use the below journal prompts to find out where you’re in struggle, & how you can grow from these struggles. Take time to breathe & write.

  1. Where is my energy being directed?

  2. What obstacles have come up in my path recently?

  3. Looking back, can I see how these obstacles may have come to be?

  4. Looking forward, can I imagine how these obstacles will help me to grow?

  5. What do I want to learn/gain/or achieve this year?

  6. Where in my life do I experience ease?

  7. How can I settle into universal flow?

  8. How can I create more ease in my life?

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